OR.MA.SER is a leading manufacturer of doors, frames, locks and security systems in aluminium, steel, wood and pvc, and offers its customers supply, installation and technical support services. Industrial processing of raw materials is performed using high-tech machinery and innovative processing methods, to produce our entire range of windows and doors, interior and exterior doors, shutters, door shutters, REI fire doors , security doors, overhead doors and motorized locking systems, for companies, enterprises, public bodies and institutions.

and domestic dwellings.

The company pays a great deal of attention to the comfort and need of domestic dwellings, specialising in manufacturing interior doors with innovative designs, conservatories made with folding and sliding verandas, with the possibility of incorporating photovoltaic panels, entire interior walls in stained glass mosaic, and shower units treated with Neverdrop.


The OR.MA.SER manufacturing chain is distinguished by its CE materials processing certification. Work is carried out using advanced technologies that optimise production time and reduce processing costs. OR.MA.SER offers the design and construction of projects in aluminium, steel, wood and pvc, for general structures, doors, gates, motorized blinds and fixtures, to the highest technical standards and aesthetic quality.

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